Book me for a One on One Painting session!

Yes, this is crazy but I enjoy painting sessions so much by myself, that I want YOU to experience my ways. Just because I want to share the Bliss that I feel when I do this. By making art I am becoming my art. By using magic cards, words, colors and different types of paint. Experiencing the structures on paper, on my skin and in my hands. I dance, shake and vibrate all the senses in my body and express it with paint, written words & all other element that I can find around me in that moment.

For me its a great way to straighten out my thoughts, to understand why I understand them & experience the next step of this expression… ART

Book me for Facepaint (Adult & Children)

Any gathering can use some paint on our body, I enjoy looking in your eyes and seeing the color and patterns that suit you in that moment. I never take photos of the paint that I’ve done, because its between you, me and that day.

Book me for Festival/gathering Signs.

So this is Fun! I’ve done a lot of volunteer work for festivals to paint all the signs that come in handy. For example the sign for the toilet, the bar, the area directions, or signs that explain where to park or put up your tent.

I enjoy making these signs a lot! I can paint pretty quickly and make it look nice at the same time!