“I have worked together with Sam on several projects and each time she left me speechless by her creativity, her courage and her wholeheartedness. To me she truly embodies the role model of a female leader – living the change she wants to see in the world and holding space for real magic to happen. If I have to name one thing I have learned from her, it would be that anything you can imagine is possible!”

Cozy Gatherings – Lena Sie

“I’ve had the extreme pleasure of attending a couple of events by Cozy Consciousness and both times I was blown away by the warmth of the community we made together, and the new friends. It’s something truly special to be involved with such innovative and creative souls, and I would happily attend any event by Cozy Consciousness in the future!”

Cozy Gatherings – Becky Wicks

“Yoga op het strand was super leuk. Het zand is heel zacht tussen je tenen. Sammie is heel erg lief en kan mooi zingen.”

Cozy Kids Yoga – Fienne

“Sam heeft mij geholpen toen ik het, het meest nodig had. Na het verliezen van de liefde van mijn leven, mijn baan en mijn woning. Kam ik in een identiteitscrisis terecht. Ik kon niet accepteren dat zij door was gegaan met een ander en verloor elk stukje zelfliefde. Dagenlang zat ik in negatieve gedachten patronen, waar geen einde aan leek te komen. De sessie met Sam heeft mij geholpen weer van mezelf te houden en de liefde van binnen te erkennen en herkennen. Ze heeft me laten inzien dat na regen zonneschijn komt, en dat alles een cadeautje is. Dingen gebeuren voor een reden en het is aan jou om daar de lessen uit te halen die je nodig hebt, om er sterker uit te komen. Zonder Sam weet ik nit waar ik zou zijn.”

Cozy Plant Medicine Journey – Koen

Attending the Cozy Consciousness gathering was an eye-opening experience for me. I had not been in a gathering similar to this one before and I was quite nervous at first. However, from the very first moment I arrived, I was greeted with the most warm and welcoming energy. Sam, with the help of the Cozy Consciousness team, had been able to create a beautiful, inviting and of course COZY space to intentionally exchange our knowledge, passion, and in the process learn and grow from each others feed back and accepting presence. The many fascinating workshops from Acro Yoga to learning about the Wim Hof method and Kombucha making made for a full but a very engaging and exciting weekend. I would highly recommend joining a Cozy Consciousness gathering in order to develop your personal sharing skills as wel as to learn from other people’s talents and what they are passionate about. You might even meet such like-minded people that you create a lasting friendship :)”

Cozy Gathering – Lilja

“Sam is one of the most pure, and wise young woman from my network. I feel so blessed to have met her. The first woman circles I have experienced were at her Cozy home full of nature items, crystals and nice fabrics. She is able to hold space, stay present and guide you through meditations, exercises and sharings. Enjoy her smiles, wisdom and openness.”

Cozy Goddesses Circle – Romy

“Puur, Zijn, Verbinding, Stilte, Delen, Ruimte, Voelen, Kracht, Vrouwen, Samen. Sam haar Cacao Ceremonie bevat voor mij alle ingredienten, inclusief de beste en lekkerste Cacao!nSam is met haar oude wijsheid, muzikaliteit en feeling voor ceremonie een waar kadootje!”

Cozy Goddesses Circle – Krista