What & Who is Cozy Consciousness?

Aloha, My name is Sam Donders and I am the founder of Cozy Consciousness.

Cozy Consciousness, brings people of all ages together who are eager to gain conscious growth in any possible way. Through this Platform I offer gatherings, one on one sessions, conscious kids coaching, Cozy Cooking & way more!

” My vision ” by Sam Donders


As I am learning more and more that I am nature, my vision is to create a broader understanding of our roots, of our nature which is within all of us. By connecting our points of view through each others perspectives, we will see that we in essence all are longing the same.

Mother nature guides me to build these bridges for myself and other people. To see and come to the understanding of our natural essence in life! I enjoy talking about this in the fairytale language with kids through yoga and meditation. I enjoy bringing woman together during the darkness of the new moon and learn from each others magic. I enjoy creating! Creating through dance, painting, singing and all other ways of expression! I hold space during plant medicine ceremonies and am learning more and more about the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. (Just started my 4 years of studying ayurvedic Indian medicine)

My vision is to be LOVE, as someone once said to me, but you already are

Cozy Connect

So, first of all let’s connect. My name is Sam. Once upon a time when I turned 18, I moved myself to London where I’ve worked as a nanny for some time. From here I started my own company as a Holiday nanny, which means I went on vacation with the families as their nanny. I’ve worked in Israel, Finland, France & Sweden. This way of traveling inspired me to travel by myself. I traveled to South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala & Nicaragua. I traveled with almost no money, and worked/volunteered or traded my services at every place that I visited.

I learned so much during my travels that when I came back, I came up with the idea of creating a platform to share this wisdom. So here we are at Cozy Consciousness, a platform which offers several services!

My dream is to create a space where we can always and forever be Cozy and Conscious & this platform is just the beginning !

Reflect, Accept & Be

As soon as I speak, sing, write, paint or harmonize whatever is inside of me, it creates space for acceptance. Learning to simply be with the acceptance of all that surrounds us and lives within. Once we’ve accepted this, we can slowly start understanding that identification is not needed.

I really Enjoy practicing this, and enjoy mirroring each other within this, because I believe we are each others teachers, each others mirrors, and reflections. I believe we and all that surrounds us is here, to simply help us reflect, accept & be.

Enjoy your perception & get Cozy

Once we’ve accepted, and understand we don’t have to identify but can be the creators of our perception, why not get cozy ?

Learning to play with our view on situations, to play with different perceptions, without having to identify with this perception.

This can help us acting on situation instead of immidiately re-acting from an unknown perceptive space.

Understanding & practicing that we as observers can consciously influence our perception & have fun in being alive!

Get In Touch

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